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Fork lift impact can be devastating to warehouse environments.  Konstant® offers innovative solutions for your facility protection with the PROTECT-IT™ line of products.

For protection for roll form pallet rack, PROTECT-IT™ Rack Guards are available in 4 sizes: 3x3, 3 x 1- 5/8 , 3 ¼ x 2  (the standard in Canada) and 3x3 ( for double post application) .  For building column needs, use PROTECT-IT™ MAXI Column Guards, designed to give space efficient protection for either round or square columns and any size posts, including I beams.

Easy. Effective. Economical. That is the PROTECT-ITâ„¢ solution. Check out the unique way that PROTECT-ITâ„¢ can meet your facility needs.
Protect-It Installation Method

Protect-It Videos

Protect-It Demonstration Video
Demonstration Video
  Protect-It Front impact testing video
Front Impact
  Protect-It Side impact testing video
Side Impact


  • Low purchase and installation costs.
  • Lowest replacement cost in the market (at time of writing).
  • Securely grips the column with no separate fasteners.
  • Install as many or as few as required.
  • Effective in cold stores as low as -40 degrees.
  • Available in recognized safety colours.
  • International patents pending.

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