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Expanding on the selective racking concept of utilizing the vertical height in a facility except pallets are stored two deep from the aisle.

Konstant® deep reach racking also referred to as double deep racking is an ideal way to increase pallet density while maintaining a high number of pick faces in your warehouse. This type of racking system can be manufactured using either our roll formed racking or our structural racking product.

As part of our deep reach racking product line we offer unique recess leg trusses that help reduce bay and aisle width often required by double deep reach trucks. This will often provide additional pallet storage in each row. The recess leg also minimizes damage to the truss that can be caused by the outriggers of a double deep reach truck. With a multitude of standard column sizes available in both structural and roll formed we can offer standard and recess leg trusses in various depths and heights to suit your requirements.

Whether you use our roll formed beams or our patented standard structural beams they are available in a wide variety of depths and lengths which provides us greater flexibility in engineering a solution to suit your needs.

Konstant® offers nine different styles of cross bars to ensure a safe double deep application.

Deep Reach Rack Double Deep Rack Deep Reach Racking


  • Up to 40% more storage capacity than selective rack
  • Same low cost per pallet as selective rack
  • Offers the same selectivity and pallet density as 2-deep push back

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