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Konstant was the first to design and manufacture a multiple deep pallet storage system that was adjustable. It is known today as Drive-in racking. This system provides bracing in three planes. They are vertically from left to right at the back of the system, and horizontally from left to right across the top of the drive in and between the rails of the system. The third plane braces the system vertically from front to back with our upright design along with the pallet rails which are bolted to the uprights. Some of our drive-in features along with the bracing include welded rails to the stubs arms, heavy duty rub rails running the depth of the system, and backstop beams at the rear of the system.

Drive-In Rack Drive-Thru Rack Drive-In Racking


  • Offers much higher pallet density than selective racking: more pallet storage with fewer access aisles
  • Doesn't require specialized lift equipment
  • Lower cost per pallet than other high density systems

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