High Density >> Pallet Flow

Konstant® offers a variety of deep lane pallet flow systems with a variety of flow lanes such as single lane rollers or full width rollers to suit our customer’s application complete with the in-line brakes to prevent runaway pallets. Our deep lane pallet flow rack is ideal for situations where strict FIFO is required and it is also popular when pallets need to be moved quickly from one area to another, without the assistance of lift trucks. Applications of the system include production areas, assembly line environments, and also freezer / cooler applications, where space is at a premium.

Pallet Flow Rack Pallet Flow Racking Pallet Flow


  • No limit to pallet depth, enabling high density storage
  • Keeps pace with high volume production lines
  • Flow lanes convey the pallets, eliminating wait times for fork lift trucks
  • Fork lifts are required for the initial loading and final unloading only

High Density Racking