Applications - Pallet Runner®  provides clients with maximum flexibility in its set up.   From traditional FIFO or LIFO, to high density case picking or an 80 / 20 configuration, Pallet Runner®  can accommodate multiple system designs.

80 - 20 Rule

The Pallet Runner® storage system works in conjunction with a picking system maintaining the
80 - 20 Rule; whereby 20% of your SKUs represent 80% of your volume.

The 80% of the volume (20% of SKUs) will be stored and distributed using the Pallet Runner® system. The remaining 20% of the volume (80% of the SKUs) will be stored and distributed using more traditional storage mediums including Konstant® pushback rack and Konstant® selective rack.

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80 - 20 Example
Pallet Runner®

The Next Generation in High Density Storage Systems

Pallet Runner® is quite possible the most environmentally friendly storage system available: reducing hydro, tow motor emissions, lighting and heating cost’s to name a few.