Applications - Pallet Runner®  provides clients with maximum flexibility in its set up.   From traditional FIFO or LIFO, to high density case picking or an 80 / 20 configuration, Pallet Runner®  can accommodate multiple system designs.

Last-in First-out (LIFO)

Pallets are loaded into the system using the Pallet Runner® from main aisles. This allows storage systems to be much deeper than other high density systems.

This creates the shortest distance possible from loading dock to the system, creating a high rate of lift truck productivity. The Pallet Runner® cart either retrieves or puts the pallet in position, freeing the operator to perform another task.

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Last-in First-out (LIFO) Example

Pallet Runner®

The Next Generation in High Density Storage Systems

Pallet Runner® is made exclusively in North America. Additionally all manufacturing is carried out at the same facility where quality control is strictly maintained.