Technical Features - Pallet Runner® carts have been designed to withstand the day to day abuses of tough warehouse environments.  Heavy duty construction along with state of the art electronics ensure the longevity of each Pallet Runner® cart.

Brushless DC Drive and Lift Motors:

  • Long operating life
  • High efficiency
  • Noiseless operation
  • Higher speed ranges


  • Military grade
  • Vibration resistant
  • Maintenance free

Battery Charging:

  • Quick change battery system
  • Smart Charging

Heavy Duty Mechanical Lift system:

  • No fluids, leaks or noisy pumps

PLC Controlled:

  • 7 Functions
  • Auto / Manual modes


  • 24 set points ability to adjust at all load characteristics
  • Customized programming

Support Structure:
Rugged Galvanized Steel Carrier Rails and Pallet Entry Guides are incorporated into an engineered structure. All systems come equipped with heavy-duty rail end stops for impact and safety.


Pallet Runner Automation Company is Green:

  • no need to buy additional tow motors
  • the operator is always picking from the main aisle, no additional lighting is required above the system
  • Using military grade batteries, Pallet Runner® works free of any emissions
  • increase in throughput will enable clients to reduced their tow motor fleet

Freezer Environment:

  • Designed specifically for our clients using Pallet Runner® in freezer environments, Pallet Runner® has a four wheel drive system. Due to the unique conditions of a Freezer environment, the four wheel drive system ensures that cold slippery surfaces do not inhibit the performance of Pallet Runner® carts.

Condition of pallets:
Like most semi automated or fully automated systems the condition of the pallet is critical for successfully operating Pallet Runner®.  Pallets should be in new or good condition with all bottom stringer boards present and not damaged. Pallets in poor condition, such as old or damaged pallets with missing or broken stringer boards, could reduce the overall performance of the system.

Pallets should have no more than ¾” deflection when fully loaded. Pallets not conforming to these criteria could damage the cart when it is passing underneath.

Pallet Runner Automation Company has a full size Pallet Runner system in our manufacturing facility where we commonly test client’s pallets prior to an installation.


Closeup of Pallet Runner® Wheel

Front of the Pallet Runner®


Installation & Systems Training
Once our professional experienced Pallet Runner® installation crew have fully completed the installation phase, our set up, and training will commence.

First, our technical team will visit the site and will set each cart up for your particular application.

Next, our technical team will hold training class for all potential employees who will use the system. These classes will consist of approximately 4 hours in the class room with an additional 4 hours hand on training with the actual system

Finally, our team will carry out service training to the person(s) or company that will be contracted to do the maintenance and up keep of the cart

Our technical staff can also be reached at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you need to speak with us.

Pallet Runner®

The Next Generation in High Density Storage Systems

The Pallet Runner® carts use a mechanical lift, avoiding the use of hydraulic fluids thus eliminating the chance of leaks or the changing of fluids.