How it Works

The Pallet Runner® Carts can be placed or moved into any lane by means of a fork lift. Once the cart has been placed into the appropriate lane, the operator uses a radio transmitter to instruct the Cart to perform the command given. The operator may drive away to retrieve or deliver another pallet while the Pallet Runner® works on its own.

Pallet Runner® is a self contained unit powered by 4 heavy duty quick change batteries. Each set of batteries will provide the client up to 10 complete operating hours before charging is required. Each cart comes equipped with a second set of batteries enabling the cart to run continuously. The cart has a 4 wheel drive system, ideal for freezer applications, this enables the system to be used in temperatures as low as -23°C or -10° F.

Pallet Runner®

The Next Generation in High Density Storage Systems

As of 2011, Pallet Runner® is being used to store approximately 200,000 pallets.