Innovations >> One Bolt Connection "featuring patented Konstant technology"

Konstant® produces the most reliable load beam connection for structural pallet racking to date. Our unique no-weld single bolt beam and bracket is safer and structurally superior to a welded bracket with two bolts.

The Konstant® beam uses a mechanical connection which relies on two pieces physically wedged together to maintain structurual integrity. The bolt acts as a drift pin, while being tightened, the channel beam's flanges are drawn tight against post flanges.
  • Holes in upright always same precise distance from edge.
  • Holes in upright are not aligned with the holes in the beams.
  • Opening between overlapping holes designed to fit bolt as shown.
  • Beams and columns tightly affixed with a simple, rigid, mechanical connection using one nut and bolt.
  • The patented connection is self-aligning and installs quickly and easily.
  • Strong, secure connection.
  • See why one bolt is better than two.
One Bolt Connection One Bolt Connection One Bolt Connection


  • Tight Beam to Truss connection.┬á
  • Less expensive to install
  • Form fitting
  • No welds to weaken.
  • Allows beam/bay height adjustsments in 1" increments

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