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Heavy materials, such as tile or bagged concrete mix, are often stored on the floor level of a rack system in a warehouse or retail outlet.  Accessing these loads can be very difficult and create a risk of injury. Konstant® Load Drawers are designed to support loads at the floor level of storage racks, allowing pallets to be easily extended into the aisle when access to the material is necessary. Rather than forced picking from the rear of the loads located under the first beam of the rack system.

The Konstant® Load Drawers are designed to fit a standard-sized pallet, and can be manufactured in galvanized steel or baked enamel.  The drawers are totally self-contained, and require no rail or tracks in the aisle   A convenient handle helps maneuver the load; optional accessories can provide a pallet stop for limited movement.

Load Drawer Load Drawer


  • Loads can be easily and safely accessed
  • Design is self-contained and requires no aisle racks or tracks
  • Drawers can be securely locked and unlocked